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After 19 years in the insurance industry, I had the opportunity to develop my passion. Passionate about fashion, design, architecture and sewing, I like modern and timeless things that are restrained and elegant. 

by Delphine Brussels is a Belgian slow fashion brand for women created by Delphine Leroy.


All items are designed and handmade in Brussels by Delphine and master artisans in very limited edition.  

Each piece is unique and made with care and love, in exclusive high quality fabrics, in natural fibers, mainly silk from leftover fabrics from exclusive designers.

The timeless spirit of the brand will allow you to fully enjoy any season for a long time.


Special attention is paid to details of each creation: high quality finishes, lined clothing, silk covered buttons, gathers, invisible seams…

All of these details bring great refinement and elegance to your garment.

« Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside » Coco Chanel

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