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  • Where are by Delphine products designed and manufactured?
    Each by Delphine creation is designed by me in my workshop in Brussels. I begin with the drawing of the model and develop several prototypes to adjust, simplify and create the final version of the model. I then adapt the prototype to the different sizes and proceed with the cutting of each piece, according to the model and the size. Each item is handmade by myself or by master artisans in Brussels.
  • How to get a by Delphine creation?
    I invite you to shop online or to make an appointment with me at my workshop in Brussels. You can also find me at different events or pop up stores: 23/03 - 30/06 Exclusive by Pop & Shop Avenue Louise 50B - Brussels 09/06 - 20/06 La Malle de Lux Grand Rue 44 - Luxembourg Ville
  • How to care of a by Delphine creation?
    Silk is a precious material, offering lightness, fluidity, sensuality and delicacy. I recommend dry cleaning to keep the intensity of the color of your garment and to preserve the pleasure of wearing it.
  • What to do if your size or your favorite colour is no longer available?
    If your size or your favorite colour is out of stock, you can always contact us by email as sometimes I have kept some silk to make one more piece. If this is the case, I will be happy to make it for you.
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