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Launch of my e-shop

Dernière mise à jour : 22 nov. 2020

Happy and proud to launch my e-shop!

Welcome to my e-shop

After presenting my first collection last June, I had the opportunity to participate in the opening of a pop up store this month.

With the health crisis, this project was unfortunately postponed. Then I decided to develop an e-shop to show you the last pieces of my collection. Today, I am happy to offer you these latest creations.

Let's invent the world after, "buy less but buy better" and take care!

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Marc Follet
Marc Follet
26. Nov. 2020

La création est un mystère et seuls quelques happy fews ont le don de créer. Delphine en fait partie et injecte couleurs et raffinement dans nos vies.

Gefällt mir
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